Biz Evde Yokuz is a resource for readers who are seeking adventure and experience by traveling in both Turkey and abroad.

They needed a redesign of their logo so it could reflect the personality of the business and attract the ideal, adventurer, fun-loving readers. The new identity had to be in line with their new blog, nomaddiction.


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21 August, 2017
Brand Identity System

The Process

We took off with a branding strategy workshop to redefine the brand’s positioning as well as  its personality by underlining the brand’s culture, values, voice and audiences for the next step: turning abstract ideas to concrete solutions.


The keywords that came out of our fun branding sessions,  helped us understand and analyse the patterns of the brand’s vision and focus on what is essential to the brand’s core identity.

The “Aha!” moment

The idea behind the new logo came almost naturally. Keeping the highlighted words in mind, I took a little trekking trip. Walking in the woods and following the trail marks just did the magic. These painted marks guide you along the trekking routes, and help travel with confidence for miles without feeling lost. Just like “biz evde yokuz” or “nomaddiction” do with their detailed travel and adventures contents.

Guide to Adventure

 “biz evde yokuz” was using a pink, blue, white and black palette on their old logo. The letter “b” in the logo was blue as a reference to Bilgehan’s name and “d” was pink to reference Duygu. Trail marks were the a great opportunity to keep the two colours as the brands key identification, in a meaningful way. It also helped our problem with referencing the old logo.


Applications of the logo on the products.

Logo Design Process